Suction Irrigation

Battery-Powered Suction Irrigation

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Instaflow™ Battery-Powered Suction Irrigation Set



Unimax Instaflow™ Battery-Powered Suction Irrigation Set is designed with an ergonomic hand-piece to prevent fatigue and with the self-supply battery pump for constant pressure supply for suction and irrigation to improve surgical efficiency.





 Incorporates with a built-in smoke evacuator.

 Click-in connector design allows easy removal of probes.

 Ergonomic handle design can be easily operated by either hand and prevents fatigue.

● Built-in seal for leak free manipulation of 3mm electrode and instruments.

❶  Chamfered probe design reduces damage on tissues.

❷  Matt surface prevents metal glare during operation.


 Self-supply battery powered pump improves surgical efficiency.

● Eco-friendly design batteries can be removed from device before disposal.


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