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    Minimally invasive surgeries, especially laparoscopic surgeries, and areas where our competence extends are what Unimax have devoted our passion and expertise for the past 2 decades. As one of the pioneers and leaders in minimally invasive surgeries, our passion to improve healthcare has driven our unwavering focus on excellence, which defines who we are and what we do.

  • Covid-19 Protection Products

    Closed Suction Catheter
    Smoke Evacuation Tubing

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Our Core CompetencyMOTIF

  • Miscellaneous Service

    Unimax is capable of offering miscellaneous service like OBM, ODM, and OEM to satisfy different demands from all our customers.
  • Overall Solution

    With almost everything in-house, Unimax vertically integrates all the resources a manufacturer requires to ensure the quality stability.
  • Tactful Management

    Diverse services are always the most challenging part of management and thus it is essential to ensure every demand from customers is correctly performed. With the strength of tactful management, Unimax successfully eliminates errors in procedure to keep our customers from loss.
  • Integrity

    We believe integrity is the foundation of all business relationship and we practice it by putting integrity before our company's interest.
  • Flexibility

    Unimax values our customers' demands and is flexible to meet their needs so that they can be competitive in the field they serve.
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